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Children Online: Realities, Issues and Solutions

firefox-gray Children Online, a comprehensive consulting company, provides up-to-date information about the use and impact of technology on child and adolescent development. Passionate, committed and professional, Marje Monroe and Doug Fodeman have worked with thousands of students and parents since 1997 providing developmentally tailored presentations on the rapidly changing topic of children, teens and technology use. While gathering informative and instructive research on texting and online behavior of children and teens as well as publishing curriculum guides and a book for parents, Children Online has become a national leader in offering concrete and real-life strategies on this important topic.

With over 50 years of combined experience in education and counseling, Doug and Marje began Children Online to fill the overwhelming need to help keep children and teens safe online. Meeting in 1997 when Doug called Marje for help with CyberBullying, they quickly realized that their unique combination of expertise in Chlld and Adolescent development along with Internet Technology, offered a compelling opportunity to provide insight, strategies and a positive sense of control over the rapidly changing world of Internet technology.


Marje Monroe is a Clinical Social Worker and educator with over twenty years of counseling, programming and teaching experience in schools Marje has worked at several schools including Dean of Students at Stoneleigh Burnham School in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Director of Counseling at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Upper School Counselor at Garrison Forest School in Maryland, Counselor and Substance Abuse Coordinator at Wittenberg University. Throughout her career, Marje has taught Advanced Placement Psychology, English and developed curricula on sex education, substance abuse, ethics and decision-making. Coordinating schools, families and community agencies on behalf of the well being of children and adolescents, Marje is proactive and helps schools and families work together to promote the qualities of school and home life that nurtures the healthy, social and emotional development of children.

Doug Fodeman has been co-director of Children Online for nearly eighteen years with Marje Monroe. In May, 2014, Doug announced that he is retiring from Children Online to pursue other interests. He is still the Director of Technology at the Brookwood School in Manchester, Massachusetts. He has also served on the Marblehead School District Cyberbullying Task Force. Doug has made appearances on the ABC Nightly News and the CBS Evening News in regards to cell phone scams targeting children. He has also been a guest speaker with Deborah Rowe of the ABC affiliate WLSAM Radio in Chicago on the topic of cell phone scams targeting children and issues effecting children online. Together with Marje Monroe, he has appeared twice on the Jordan Rich show on WBZ in Boston. He has taught High School science for more than 18 years, served as Director of Technology at the Pingree School, and served as a technology consultant to the architectural firm Olson, Lewis, Dioli & Doktor, focusing on the integration of computer technology into architectural design. Doug has also given workshops on a wide variety of related topics such as Using Search Engines Effectively, Protecting Your Privacy Online, and Telecollaboration.