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Innovative comprehensive workshops on Internet safety for children, teens, parents & educators. offers innovative and comprehensive workshops on Internet safety (cyber safety) and online education to students, parents, faculty and administrators. Our approach, unique in the field of Internet safety, combines a thorough understanding of Internet technologies, child development and counseling, to focus on the impact of the internet on the social, emotional and language development of young people.

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Including: Our Family Recommendation Guide with strategies, tips and advice for all areas of family technology use.


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Children Online is now offering a collection of PowerPoint files to accompany the 2nd edition of Safe Practices for Life Online.

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The second edition of Safe Practices for Life Online contains more than one hundred student exercises on all topics regarding Internet safety. It has been updated to account for the many changes in Internet and telecommunications technologies and the way children and teens are using them. Topics include choosing screen names and passwords, protecting your privacy online, avoiding identity theft and impersonation, responding to uncomfortable online situations, cyberbullying, instant messaging, texting, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, recognizing and avoiding phishing and other scams, learning to be media savvy online, safeguarding your personal information, and much more.

Technology and Learning Magazine have called Safe Practices for Life Online a "must read"!

This book is available online from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Anti-Cyberbullying Resource

"Submit the Documentary" is 50-minute video with an in-depth look into the profound, reality of cyberbullying. It compassionately tells the stories of children and families who are affected by the harsh reality of cyberbullying. The shared experiences, testimonials of survivors, and experts on this phenomenon allow you to peer into the rapidly growing world of cyberbullying. The ultimate goal of the documentary and their website is to become the center of education on cyberbullying awareness, support and solutions. (NOTE: Contains harsh language & images; appropriate for grades 7 - 12)

In 2011, Children Online published our 2010 - 2011 research on the Internet and cell phone behavior of more than 2500 students.